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  • MM Romance

  • Release Date: October 14, 2017

    Wide-eyed and innocent, you stumbled into my world, never knowing the danger that lurked within. The Wolfe’s Den is no place for a little lamb, but you came anyway, and from the moment you stepped inside, you were mine.

    In my life there are no happy accidents. Every move is carefully orchestrated. Every situation premeditated. That’s what makes the hunt so intoxicating.
    What you need, I become.
    What you crave, I will give.
    Except the one thing you desire above all else—love.

    Everything I told you is true—I’m not a good man, but you choose what you want to hear.
    You shouldn’t have come that night. Maybe then you’d be safe. But it’s too late now.
    I want you because you remind me of him. I need you to give me back what I lost.

    Warning: This is not a love story. It is not a romance. This is an obsessive stalker lust story that contains darker themes that may serve as a trigger to some readers. Shiver is a standalone novel.

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